Seven Reasons Your Pet Needs a Stroller

Prepare for the future when the furkid is old or injured

I often hear some parents say: “Because the baby at home is old and has arthritis, walking suddenly becomes a very difficult task for him”, so he frantically looks for pet strollers on the Internet and in stores. But in fact, it is not ideal to buy a pet stroller after the furry child is old. The reasons are as follows:

-1. Expenditure on short-term care has increased sharply: furry children may start to cause a series of diseases when they are old, because their aging speed is several times faster than that of humans, and their pain perception is relatively slow, so problems often appear suddenly, so medical treatment The cost will increase sharply, and it is generally difficult to afford the cost of a pet stroller. Or, because most of the money is spent on medical expenses, you have to choose a simpler and cheaper stroller first, which makes the ride uncomfortable and tosses the elderly or sick furkids.
2. Resist unaccustomed space: The furkid has never been in a stroller before, and when it is old and uncomfortable, it is suddenly asked to go on the stroller. The furkid may not be used to it, and may even be afraid and resist.
3. As long as there is a cart, you can take the old or sick dog out for a walk or outing, and push the cart to take it to the park or the river, instead of just being bored at home every day to make it more depressed.

There is more than one fur kid in the family

If you have a small dog or cat at home, and there is only one, it is not a problem to be able to hold/carry it all the time when you go out. But if you have three or four fur kids at home, it is definitely a big project to go out at the same time. At this time, it is a big problem whether you are holding or carrying them. With the stroller, fur kids can ride in the car, not only the owner is relaxed, but they can also play with their companions.

Social behavior

The golden period of socialization for puppies is about 3 to 5 months, but veterinarians usually recommend that it is best not to go out before puppies have received three doses of vaccinations, and avoid contact with various kinds of diseases when the resistance is weakest. Infectious pathogens, such as other animals; but if you really stay at home, you will miss the golden period of socialization. The pet stroller is one of the best of both worlds, allowing them to maintain a certain degree of safety while contacting the outside world and broadening their horizons.

Security Management

The modern living environment is more busy, crowded and complicated, especially the roads in urban areas are full of vehicles. In fact, for fur kids, these are full of potential dangers everywhere, and they are also prone to nervousness. For example: when you go to a place with a lot of people, dogs are often stepped on or kicked because they are small in size. If the dog is timid or sensitive, you can prevent the dog from coming into direct contact with other people’s pets, and prevent the dog from eating things on the roadside.

 Factors in public places

Anyone who has a pet knows that it is the same in public places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and even indoors in some scenic spots. Although it is stipulated that pets are prohibited from entering except for guide dogs, they can be placed in a bag or cart , then the pet stroller will come in handy (especially for large dog owners).

Weather factors

Summer in the south often exceeds 35 degrees, and the asphalt road is scalded by the sun. For animals without shoes and whose soles directly touch the ground, it is like walking on a frying pan. Although the meat pads of cats and dogs are very special skins that can withstand pressure, they are also very fragile. There have been accidents where dogs’ meat pads were scalded by asphalt roads when they went out in summer. With a stroller for pets to ride, they can avoid walking on hot ground and go directly to play in parks, turf, riversides and other places!



 Pampering it is actually pampering yourself

Parents of fur are eager to love their pets, and hope that their babies can go anywhere with them. But as furkids grow up, their weight and size also increase. Even for some small dogs, arms and shoulders will be overwhelmed and even injured if they are held for a long time. With a pet stroller, parents are relaxed, fur kids are happy, and you can go to more places together and create more memories.

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