What type of multifunctional bassinet is suitable for your child?

Before the baby is born, parents have already started to buy daily necessities for the baby, including baby очень высокая прикроватная люлька, high-efficiency multifunctional bassinet, excellent co sleeper 120×60 and other products. The baby cradle bed is an indispensable special tool after the baby is born, but there are many types of baby cradle beds on the market, how do parents buy a baby cradle bed? Let’s take a look!

Applicable month age: it is most suitable for newborns of 0-3 months, and can be used for babies of 4-6 months at the latest, but it depends on the baby’s weight and activity ability. Because extra tall bedside bassinets generally have a limited weight, for example, some can only bear a maximum weight of 15-20 pounds, so if your baby is big and grows fast, the weight may exceed the weight limit of the cradle in less than 4 months; another consideration is that even if your baby’s weight is lower than the limit of the cradle, if he will turn over, then the cradle may not be a safe choice, because the cradle space is too small, there may be a risk of suffocation. Usually babies will start to learn to turn over at 4-6 months, and can turn over skillfully at 6-8 months. A small number of babies start rolling over earlier or later.

Newborns feel more secure: Small in size, for many newborns or premature babies, the encircling small space sleeping environment makes them feel more secure, because it is closer to their feeling in the mother’s womb.

Portable and mobile: Many extra tall bedside bassinets have wheels—even without wheels, they are light and easy to move around the house, which is more convenient for parents to take care of the baby. For example, when the baby is lying in the cradle when it is awake or napping in the cradle, parents can push the cradle to their side, and they can watch the baby while doing things without worrying about safety.

Easy to pick up and put down your baby: The height of the cradle bed is generally designed to reach the height of an adult’s waistline. The crib has a low bed circumference, shorter than an adult’s arms, and many parents find this structure helps them pick and place their baby without having to bend over.

Low price: The price of most multifunctional bassinets is not too high. Many parents are not sure whether the baby will sleep in the cot or share the bed with the parents after birth. They worry that if they buy a more expensive crib, the baby will not be able to sleep. So you can buy a cradle first, and then decide whether to buy a crib with a longer service life and a higher price according to the baby’s situation.

be strong

The bottom of the cradle should be strong enough to bear the weight of the baby, and at the same time, the bottom should be wide so as not to fall easily, which is not conducive to the safety of the baby. The stability of an excellent extra tall bedside bassinet is better. Don’t push it and it will fall apart. Stability is very important.

Choose a guardrail

Try to choose a cylindrical guardrail, and the distance between the two guardrails should not exceed 6 cm to prevent the baby from sticking his head out from the middle. Some mothers like cribs with complex patterns and more carvings. In fact, such beds are not safe enough for children. Because the protruding carvings on the bed rails or the body of the bed are easy to catch the child’s clothes, when the child tries to get rid of it, it may be injured by impact.

Precautions for using multifunctional bassinet


1. Check the cradle regularly

In the process of using the multifunctional bassinet, the movable parts of the movable frame should be checked regularly to see if it is very reliable during the connection process. Whether the screws and nuts are loose. If the baby moves hard, will it fall over and so on.

2. Pay attention to the shaking frequency

When using a cradle for your baby, you must pay attention to the reasonable grasp of the shaking range and vibration degree. The scientific frequency is less than 48 times/minute, and the swing amplitude should be 5-25CM. The swing amplitude should not be too large, and the frequency should not be violent.

3. It is best to shake as a whole

It is necessary to shake as a whole and not locally, because most of the artificial shaking of the hands will shake locally, and you can use the extra tall bedside bassinet to shake as a whole. Many parents or elders with babies affect the amplitude and frequency of shaking hands due to mood or emotional problems. No matter how bad the mood is, they must shake the baby at a constant speed. If it is difficult to change the habit of the person who feeds the baby, you can use a smart bassinet or a multifunctional bassinet.

Benefits of baby sleeping in cradle bed

1. Helps to fall asleep

So, what are the benefits of a baby sleeping in a cradle? Many parents will find that it is easier for the baby to fall asleep in the cradle bed. This is indeed the case, because the parents help the baby fall asleep when the cradle bed is gently rocked, which means that the baby sleeps in the cradle bed.

2. Conducive to the healthy development of the baby

Unexpectedly, the baby sleeping on an extra tall bedside bassinet is also beneficial to the healthy development of the baby. According to researchers from the Ohio State University in the United States, the baby sleeping on the cradle bed can effectively stimulate some of the baby’s motor organs, thereby promoting the baby’s healthy development. Not only that, but the baby sleeping on a многофункциональная люлька can also help the baby’s height development.

3. Cultivate babies to sleep independently

Another advantage of baby sleeping extra tall bedside bassinet is that it can help develop the baby’s ability to sleep independently. Many parents put their baby to sleep next to them, which is not conducive to the child’s independent sleep in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to start with infants and young children to cultivate their independent sleeping ability.

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