Двойная люлька

KSF118T-The outstanding feature of our double multifunctional bassinet is its twin-friendly design. Made for twin families, it holds two babies side-by-side, ensuring they stay close and comfortable while sleeping.

  • Происхождение: Сямэнь, Китай
  • Инкотермс: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW
  • Условия оплаты: LC по предъявлении, T/T
  • Время выполнения: 45-60 дней
  • Порт: Сямэнь, Китай 

  • Для близнецов 2 люльки. Может быть как прикроватная люлька
  • Размер: 93X93X80/68см 
  • Материал: лен + АБС + алюминий
  • Размер в разложенном виде: 93X14X93см 
  • 6 высот
  • 2 Корзина для хранения
  • Более толстый матрас
  • 4 маленьких колеса
  • Растянуть ноги
  • Угол наклона
  • Съемный подлокотник 
  • Функция качания


Welcoming a Double Bassinett into your life is an extraordinary blessing, and ensuring their comfort and safety is paramount. As a parent of twins, you know that quality sleep is essential for your baby’s development and health. That’s where our twin многофункциональная люлька comes in – a game-changing sleep solution designed specifically for your twin’s needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the product attributes, features, functions, benefits and various applications of this remarkable double co sleeper bassinet for tall bed.

свойства продукта

1. Twin friendly design

The outstanding feature of our double multifunctional bassinet is its twin-friendly design. Made for twin families, it holds two babies side-by-side, ensuring they stay close and comfortable while sleeping.

2. Sturdy structure

This co sleeper bassinet for tall bed is made of high quality material and durable. Its sturdy frame provides stability and durability, giving you peace of mind that your baby is safe.

3. Safety certification

When it comes to baby products, safety is paramount. Our double bassinets meet and exceed all safety standards. It’s designed with a secure connection mechanism, breathable sides, and non-toxic materials to ensure a safe sleeping environment for your little one.

4. Adjustable function

To suit the individual needs of the twins, this bassinet is equipped with adjustable features. You can customize the incline, height and mattress firmness to create the perfect sleeping conditions for each baby.

5. Easy to move

This two-person multifunctional bassinet is equipped with wheels so it can be easily moved from room to room. Whether you need to keep an eye on your twins during the day or want them to be around at night, moving is a breeze.


1. Sleep side by side

Our twin co sleeper bassinet for tall bed allows your twins to sleep side by side, fostering intimacy from the start. This arrangement promotes bonding and makes it easier for you to feed and soothe at night.

2. Personalized comfort

Each bassinet unit is adjustable, which means you can meet each baby’s specific needs. Whether you prefer a slightly reclined sleeping position or a firmer mattress, you can adjust the settings accordingly.

3. Breathable mesh sides

Safety and comfort go hand in hand. The bassinet’s breathable mesh sides ensure proper ventilation, reduce the risk of overheating and provide a clear view of your baby at all times.

4. Storage space

Babies come with a lot of accessories and our bassinets have what you need. It includes built-in storage pockets for diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and other essentials, keeping everything within easy reach.

5. Smooth pulleys

The cradle’s wheels provide easy mobility, allowing you to easily move it around your home. Whether you’re in the nursery, living room, or bedroom, your twin can accompany you wherever you go.

6. Convertible design

As your baby grows, so does the bassinet. It easily converts into a separate cot or playpen, making it usable well beyond the newborn stage.

7. Easy to clean

Parenting is hard work, and baby items need to be easy to clean. Our double multifunctional bassinet comes with a removable, machine washable mattress cover and wipeable surface to ensure cleaning is a breeze.

Особенности продукта

1. Safe and Cohesive Sleep

The main function of our twin люлька co Sleeper для высокой кровати is to provide a safe and rewarding sleeping environment for your twins. The side-by-side sleeping arrangement promotes bonding between babies and makes your nighttime care more convenient.

2. Customized comfort

This bassinet features adjustable incline, height and mattress firmness settings, allowing you to create the ideal sleeping conditions for each baby. Whether they have reflux issues or just prefer a different sleeping position, you can meet their individual needs.

3. Ventilation and visibility

Breathable mesh sides ensure proper airflow, reducing the risk of suffocation and giving you a clear view of your baby. You can rest easy knowing they are safe and comfortable.

4. Convenient storage

Parenting twins can be hectic, and having the essentials within easy reach is a lifesaver. Simplify your nursing routine with built-in storage pockets for easy access to diapers, wipes and pacifiers.

5. Portability

Smooth-gliding wheels make it easy to move the bassinet around the house, keeping your baby close no matter where you are. This feature is especially useful when you want to keep an eye on your children during the day.

6. Long-term use

Our bassinet adapts as your twins grow. It can be transformed into a free-standing crib or playpen, expanding its functionality and saving you the expense of buying additional baby gear.

Преимущества продукта

1. Enhance adhesion

Sharing a sleeping space can foster bonding between twins and foster a sense of security. You can easily monitor and interact with both babies, strengthening your bond with each one.

2. Safety first

Safety is our top priority. The double multifunctional bassinet has been rigorously tested and complies with all safety standards, ensuring your baby sleeps in a safe environment. Breathable mesh sides reduce the risk of choking, and the sturdy frame ensures stability.

3. Personalized comfort

No two babies are alike, and our cradles recognize this. With adjustable settings, you can accommodate each baby’s unique preferences, ensuring they sleep soundly and comfortably.

4. Convenience at your fingertips

Parenting twins is a complicated affair, and convenience is key. Built-in storage pockets and easy-to-move features simplify your daily routine so you can focus on what matters most – your baby.

5. Cost-effective solution

For parents of twins, buying our twin co sleeper bassinet for tall bed is a smart choice. Its convertible design means you don’t need to buy multiple sleep solutions as your baby grows, saving you money and storage space.

6. Durable and easy to maintain

Our cradles are made of high-quality materials and are durable. Its machine washable mattress cover and wipeable surface make cleaning a breeze, ensuring it stays looking its best.


1. Newborn twins

For parents of twins, a double bassinet is a godsend. Provide safe, comfortable and convenient sleep solutions for your newborns, allowing you to care for them easily.

2. Night feeding

With twins around, night feedings are less of a hassle. You can meet their needs in time to help them get back to sleep faster.

3. Personalize sleep

Your twins may have different sleep preferences. Our bassinets feature adjustable features that allow you to meet each baby’s comfort needs, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for both babies.

4. Take naps during the day

During the day, you can move the multifunctional bassinet to the living room or any other room you are in to keep your twins close while you go about your daily activities.

5. Long-term use

As the twins grow, the cradle evolves with it. It converts into a free-standing crib or playpen, providing your child with a safe, familiar sleeping environment.

6. Travel companion

The mobility of our double bassinet makes it a great travel companion. Whether you’re visiting friends and family or going on vacation, you can bring the comfort of being at home.

Характеристики двуспальной люльки

Предмет номер.: КСФ118Т
Цвет: Серый
Материал: Лен+АБС+Алюминий
Размер:  93x55x80/68см
Аксессуары: 2 матраса, 2 корзины, функция качания, 4 колеса, ремень для крепления к взрослой кровати. 
Функция: качалка, прикроватная люлька для близнецов, разделительная сетка на 2 люльки
СЗ: 16,8 кг
ГВт: 18,2 кг
Нагрузка: 520 шт/40 футов


Польза от детской кроватки которая соединяется с кроватью, заключается в том, что она позволяет младенцу чувствовать себя в безопасности во время сна с матерью. Младенцы должны постепенно научиться вырабатывать автономные модели сна.

Внимательно следите за привычками сна вашего ребенка, ведите здоровый образ жизни и будьте мудрой матерью.
Приподнятое ограждение обеспечивает вашему ребенку 360-градусный уход. Матрас толстый, прочный и надежный, а также может быть соединен с основной кроватью. Отличный дизайн позволяет правильно ухаживать за новорожденным. Усовершенствованный дизайн избавляет от опасений, что младенец скатится с кровати, позволяя ребенку играть с уверенностью.

 Экологически чистые материалы обеспечивают новорожденным самую надежную защиту в любое время, а засыпают они с естественным ароматом, поэтому малыши с нетерпением ждут отхода ко сну.
Гуманизированное изголовье кровати спроектировано без прямых углов, что позволяет малышам свободно играть на кровати, не опасаясь вредных ударов.
Его можно использовать в качестве прикроватной кровати, что делает его очень удобным для родителей при уходе за новорожденным ночью, а также создает особую среду для отдыха взрослых и детей.

In conclusion, the Twin Bassinet is the ultimate sleeping solution for parents of twins. Its twin-fit design, adjustable features, safety certifications, and convenience-enhancing features make it a valuable addition to your nursery. By facilitating bonding, ensuring safety and providing personalized comfort, the product truly understands the unique needs of twin babies.

Purchasing our twin multifunctional bassinet will not only guarantee better sleep for your twins, but also simplify your daily life as a parent. Its versatility and durability means it will serve your family well beyond the newborn stage, making it a cost-effective option. Embrace the joys of parenting twins with confidence and ease – order your twin co sleeper bassinet for tall bed today and give your precious babies the sleep they deserve.

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Все из в металл компоненты являются гладкий, и в пластик части являются нетоксичный и анти-ультрафиолетовый, встреча в ЕДА сорт требование.

3. Опытный
Наши игрушки создаются высококвалифицированными дизайнерами на основе интересов и чувств детей. Наши товары с их многочисленными личностями и стилями приносят детям не только радость, но и здоровье и мудрость.
4.Отличное качество
Мы всегда считали, что качество — это дух продукта. Мы гарантируем, что наши изделия останутся в отличном состоянии даже после длительного использования или в экстремальных погодных условиях.
Мы предоставим вам самые низкие цены на те же товары того же качества и уровня. За те же деньги вы получите более совершенный дизайн, более быструю доставку, профессиональные инструкции по установке и гораздо более качественный сервис.



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