Blue Travel Cot With Wheels

KSF168Q-The blue travel cot is an innovative product designed for young parents to provide a safe, comfortable and happy sleeping environment for babies. Made from high-quality materials, this crib ensures baby is always comfortable and supported.

  • Origin: Xiamen, China
  • Incoterms: FOB, CIF, CFR,EXW
  • Payment term: LC at sight, T/T
  • Lead time: 45-60 days

  • Size 92X58X70cm
  • Aluminum frame
  • Easy folding system 
  • Rocking function
  • With wheels
  • Thich mattress in 3cm
  • Certificate:EN1130; ASTM F2194


Product Specification

The newest blue travel cot on wheels is an innovative product specially designed for young parents, using high-quality materials to ensure that the baby is always safe, comfortable and happy. This bassinet is designed so that your baby can sit or lie down easily, which is very important for your baby’s growth and development. At the same time, the product is also equipped with wheels, making it easy to carry and move, you can use it at home, on the street or on a trip to provide the best care for your child.

The blue travel cot is made of soft material, so that the baby is always in a soft and comfortable environment. It also comes with an adjustable headrest and waist belt to ensure baby is always in the correct position. Plus, it comes with a seat belt that keeps your baby securely in the bassinet at all times.

This product also has an adjustable tilt angle, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your baby’s needs. This is very important for your baby’s sleep and rest. Additionally, the bassinet features a removable sun cover for extra protection and privacy for baby.

Best of all, the multifunctional bassinet with wheels is very easy to carry and move. It is lightweight and portable, and can be used anytime, anywhere. The product is also equipped with lockable wheels to keep your baby safe while allowing you to easily move the bassinet to a different position when needed.

In conclusion, the baby bassinet on wheels is a high-quality, comfortable, safe and portable product, ideal for novice parents to provide the best care. It meets the needs of you and your baby for ultimate comfort and convenience.


Thetravel cot blue is made from high-quality materials that are safe for your baby. It is designed to be durable, lightweight, and easy to move around. The bassinet comes in a beautiful blue color that is perfect for any nursery décor. The product measures 35 inches in length, 23 inches in width, and 28 inches in height.

Item NO.: KSF168Q
Unfold size:  92X58X70cm
Material: Aluminum+Iron+PP+Linen fabric
Accessory: Mattress+rocking 
Fold size: 60X20X63cm
N.W.: 7.29KG
G.W.: 8.3KG
Packing: 1pc/carton
Certificate EN1130, ASTM F2194.


Product Function 

  • Removable zipper: Make clean easier when dirty. take off the fabric cover, can be washed by washing machine. 
  • 4 side mesh fabric: air circulation, baby have a better view laying in bassinet. 
  • Square design: enlarge the bassinet volume, more space for baby to play and sleep. 
  • Mattress with foam and board support, peach skin surface: softer touching. 
  • Rocking function: the rocking tube can be rotating to use or stop. There is a lock for rocking function release. When not need the rocking, just rotate to lock to ensure the safety. 
  • 4 built-in wheels: 4 hidden wheels, not only ensure the safety but also make moving easier. 
  • The tilt angle: multi-function usage: for baby feeding and diaper changing.



The Blue Travel Crib offers several advantages, with its portability being a key feature. The crib is designed to be easily movable, allowing you to keep your baby close to you no matter where you are in the house. Whether you need to work in the home office, prepare meals in the kitchen, or relax in the living room, you can bring the crib along and provide a safe and comfortable space for your baby nearby.

The ease of assembly and disassembly is another notable advantage of the Blue Travel Crib. When you need to travel or move the crib to a different location, you can quickly take it apart and pack it up. This convenience saves you time and effort, making it hassle-free to transport the crib. It’s especially useful when you’re on the go and need to set up a comfortable sleeping space for your baby in a different environment.

Comfort is a priority in the design of the Blue Travel Crib. The bassinet features soft padding that provides a cozy sleeping surface for your baby. The gentle rocking motion of the crib helps lull your baby to sleep, creating a soothing and calming environment. This feature can be particularly beneficial when trying to settle your baby for naps or bedtime.

Additionally, the Blue Travel Crib is equipped with air mesh sides. These mesh panels promote excellent airflow, ensuring proper ventilation within the crib. This ventilation helps to keep your baby comfortable and cool, preventing overheating during sleep or playtime.

In summary, the Blue Travel Crib offers advantages in terms of portability, assembly/disassembly convenience, and comfort. Its easy movability allows you to have your baby close to you wherever you are in the house. The crib’s quick assembly and disassembly make it ideal for travel purposes. The soft padding and gentle rocking motion provide comfort and relaxation for your baby. Furthermore, the air mesh sides ensure adequate airflow, keeping your baby cool and comfortable.


The bassinet with wheels is perfect for use in a variety of settings. For new parents, it provides a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby right next to your bed. The wheels make it easy to move the bassinet around as needed, so you can keep your baby close by at all times.

The travel cot blue is also great for use as a travel cot. If you’re planning a trip with your baby, you can take the bassinet along to ensure that your little one has a comfortable and familiar sleeping space no matter where you go. The compact size of the bassinet makes it easy to pack up and take with you on the go.

Portability and Ease of Use

The multifunctional bassinet on wheels is a product designed to be portable and easy to use. Its lightweight design combined with its wheels make it easy to move around the house effortlessly. You can easily bring the bassinet to your bedroom at night so you can watch over your baby while they sleep. During the day, you can move it to different parts of the house so your baby can nap next to you while you go about your routine. Since the bassinet is easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be quickly taken apart if you need to pack for a trip.

Cozy and Comfortable Design

When it comes to your baby’s sleep environment, comfort is key. it is designed to provide a cozy and comfortable sleeping space for your baby. The soft padding and gentle rocking motion will soothe your baby to sleep, allowing them to get the rest they need to grow and develop. The breathable mesh sides allow for plenty of ventilation, ensuring that your baby stays comfortable and cool. Additionally, the adjustable canopy provides shade and protection from light to help your baby sleep better.

Safe Sleeping Space for Your Baby

The travel cot blue is designed to provide a safe sleeping space for your baby. It is made from high-quality materials that are free from harmful substances, ensuring that your baby is not exposed to any toxins or chemicals. The sides of the bassinet are made from breathable mesh, which allows for ample airflow and reduces the risk of suffocation. The bassinet also has a sturdy frame that keeps it in place, preventing it from tipping over or collapsing.

Versatile Applications of the Bassinet with Wheels

One of the best things about it is its versatility. It can be used in many different settings, making it an excellent investment for any new parent.

Bedside Sleeper

As a bedside sleeper, the Bassinet with Wheels allows you to keep your baby close by while you sleep. This makes it easier to feed and comfort your baby during the night, without having to get out of bed. The wheels make it easy to move the bassinet closer to your bed, so you can keep your baby within arm’s reach.

Travel Cot

it is also a great option for travel. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport in the car or on a plane. The wheels make it easy to maneuver through airports or hotel lobbies, and the quick assembly and disassembly make it easy to set up in any location.


Finally, the Bassinet with Wheels can also be used as a playpen. The sturdy frame and comfortable mattress make it an excellent place for your baby to play and explore while staying safe and secure. The adjustable canopy provides shade and protection from light, making it a great spot for outdoor playtime as well.

The bassinet with wheels is a high-quality, versatile sleep solution designed for newborns and infants. It has a variety of features that make it stand out from other bassinets on the market, including a support mattress, soft fabric and a removable and washable cover. Portable, versatile and easy to use, this bassinet is a great choice for busy families. Whether you need a sleep solution for everyday use or travel, the bassinet with wheels is a great choice for parents looking to provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment for their newborn or infant.

In conclusion, the Bassinet with Wheels is an excellent investment for new parents who want to provide their baby with a safe, comfortable, and convenient sleeping space. Its portability, comfort, safety, and versatility make it a must-have item for any nursery. Whether you’re using it as a bedside sleeper, travel cot, or playpen, you can be sure that your baby will be happy, comfortable, and well-rested in the Bassinet with Wheels.

Folding method

folding of bassinet with wheels


How to use the rocking function 

rocking of bassinet with wheels




Factory View

factory of bassinet with wheels


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Traveling, whether for leisure or business, is an exciting pursuit that opens up a world of possibilities. However, one aspect that often goes overlooked is ensuring you get a good night’s sleep during your journey. This is where a blue travel cot comes into play, transforming your travel experience by providing a comfortable and secure place to rest. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of travel portable cots, exploring their product details, advantages, and how they can make your adventures more restful.

Chapter 1: The Blue Travel Cot Revolution

Travel portable cots have gained immense popularity in recent years for their versatility and convenience. These compact sleeping solutions are designed to be portable, lightweight, and easy to set up, making them the perfect choice for anyone on the move. Let’s take a closer look at what sets these travel cots apart.

Product Features:

  • Compact Design: Blue travel cots are designed to be compact and foldable, allowing for easy transportation and storage.
  • Sturdy Construction: Despite their portability, these cots are built to be robust and durable, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Comfortable Mattress: Many travel portable cots come with comfortable mattresses, providing a cozy sleeping space for a good night’s rest.
  • Easy Setup: These cots can be set up quickly and effortlessly, making them ideal for travelers on the go.
  • Safety First: Travel cots are designed with safety in mind, with features like secure locking mechanisms and breathable materials.

Chapter 2: Advantages of Blue Travel Cots

Travel portable cots offer a range of advantages that make them a must-have for any traveler. Here are some key benefits:

1. Portability:

One of the primary advantages of travel portable cots is their portability. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry, whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane.

2. Comfort:

Many blue travel cots come with comfortable mattresses and padding, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep even when you’re away from home.

3. Versatility:

These cots are versatile and can be used for various purposes. They are ideal for camping trips, visiting friends and family, or as a backup sleeping solution at home.

4. Safety:

Travel portable cots are designed with safety in mind, featuring secure locking mechanisms and durable construction. This ensures your little one sleeps safely.

5. Quick Setup:

Setting up a travel portable cot is a breeze. You can have a comfortable sleeping space ready in just minutes, allowing you to focus on your adventures.

6. Durability:

These cots are built to last, with sturdy construction and materials that can withstand the rigors of travel.

Chapter 3: Exploring Blue Travel Cot Options

There are various travel portable cot options available on the market, catering to different preferences and needs. Let’s explore a few popular choices:

1. Compact Travel Cot:

Ideal for frequent travelers, compact travel cots are designed to be space-saving and lightweight. They are easy to carry and set up, providing a cozy sleeping space for your journeys.

2. Baby Travel Cot:

If you’re traveling with an infant, a baby travel cot is the perfect solution. These cots are designed with the utmost safety and comfort for your little one.

3. Camping Travel Cot:

For outdoor enthusiasts, a camping travel cot offers a comfortable sleeping space while you’re exploring the great outdoors. These cots are rugged and built to withstand rough conditions.

4. Toddler Travel Cot:

For families with toddlers, a toddler travel cot provides a secure and comfortable sleeping environment. These cots are often equipped with added safety features.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Blue Travel Cot

One of the significant advantages of travel portable cots is their ease of setup. Here are the general steps to set up a standard travel portable cot:

  1. Unfold the Cot: Start by unlocking and unfolding the cot frame. Ensure that all the parts click into place securely.
  2. Attach the Mattress: Many travel portable cots come with a comfortable mattress. Place the mattress at the bottom of the cot.
  3. Secure the Base: Ensure the base is securely locked in position to provide a stable sleeping surface.
  4. Test for Stability: Gently shake the cot to confirm that it’s set up sturdily and that all the locking mechanisms are engaged.
  5. Add Bedding: Customize the cot with your preferred bedding, such as sheets and blankets, to create a cozy and comfortable sleeping space.

Chapter 5: Maintaining and Cleaning Your Blue Travel Cot

Proper maintenance and cleanliness are essential to ensure the longevity and comfort of your travel portable cot. Here are some tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the cot frame and mattress with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. Use a mild detergent if needed.
  2. Mattress Care: Air out the mattress regularly to prevent odors and mold. You can also invest in a mattress protector for added hygiene.
  3. Storage: When not in use, store your travel portable cot in a dry and cool place. Ensure it’s folded and stored properly to prevent damage.
  4. Check for Wear and Tear: Regularly inspect the cot for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose screws or damaged parts. Replace or repair as needed.

Chapter 6: Innovative Blue Travel Cot Accessories

Enhance your travel cot experience with a range of innovative accessories designed to add convenience and comfort to your journeys:

1. Travel Cot Bag:

A travel cot bag is a convenient accessory for transporting your cot. It keeps your cot protected and makes it easy to carry.

2. Mosquito Net:

When traveling to areas with mosquitos, a mosquito net can help keep your sleeping space bug-free and comfortable.

3. Travel Cot Playpen:

Some travel portable cots can double as playpens, offering a secure space for your little one to play and nap.

4. Travel Cot Canopy:

A canopy can provide shade and privacy, making your cot more versatile for outdoor use.

Chapter 7: Blue Travel Cot Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount when using a blue travel cot, especially when it comes to infants and young children. Here are some safety considerations:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setup and use.
  2. Check for any recalls or safety updates related to your travel cot model.
  3. Ensure that the cot is set up on a flat and stable surface.
  4. Use a firm mattress that fits the cot properly.
  5. Keep the cot away from potential hazards, such as cords, curtains, and other objects.
  6. Check that all locking mechanisms are engaged before placing your child in the cot.
  7. Never leave your child unattended in the cot.

Chapter 8: Choosing the Right Blue Travel Cot

Selecting the right blue travel cot depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose: Determine the primary use of the travel cot, whether it’s for infants, toddlers, camping, or general travel.
  2. Size: Ensure the cot’s dimensions fit your available space and transportation options.
  3. Features: Look for features like a comfortable mattress, safety mechanisms, and ease of setup.
  4. Durability: Opt for a cot with sturdy construction and materials that can withstand the demands of your travel adventures.
  5. Budget: Set a budget for your travel portable cot purchase and explore options that offer the best value for your investment.
  6. Reviews: Read reviews and seek recommendations to ensure you choose a cot with a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

Chapter 9: Where to Find Your Ideal Blue Travel Cot

Finding the perfect travel portable cot is an exciting part of preparing for your travels. Here are some popular options for sourcing your ideal cot:

  1. Online Retailers: Websites such as Amazon, eBay, and specialized baby product stores offer a wide range of blue travel cots with detailed descriptions and customer reviews.
  2. Physical Stores: Visit local baby stores or department stores that carry travel gear for in-person inspection of the cots.
  3. Manufacturer’s Websites: Check the official websites of travel cot manufacturers for the latest product offerings and specifications.
  4. Recommendations: Ask friends, family, or fellow travelers for recommendations based on their experiences.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

A blue travel cot is not just a piece of travel gear; it’s your ticket to a restful adventure. With its compact design, comfort, and safety features, this travel companion has the potential to make your journeys more enjoyable, whether you’re traveling with an infant, or toddler, or camping under the stars.

Remember to choose the right travel portable cot that suits your needs, and always prioritize safety when setting it up and using it during your travels. With the right cot by your side, you’ll be well-rested and ready to make the most of your travel experiences. So, pack your bags, set up your blue travel cot, and get ready for countless adventures with comfort and convenience at your side.

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