Bedside Sleeper Crib

KSF8828-Introducing the Bedside Sleeper Crib from adjustable bedside sleeper, the safe and comfortable sleeping solution for your newborn.

Code 016

  • Origin: Xiamen, China
  • Incoterms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW
  • Payment terms: LC at sight, T/T
  • Lead time: 45-60 days
  • Port: Xiamen, China 

  • Size: 93X55X82/70cm 
  • Material: linen +ABS+Aluminum
  • Unfold size: 93X14X55cm 
  • 7 heights
  • Storage basket
  • Thicker mattress
  • 4 small wheels
  • Tilt angle
  • Detachable armrest 
  • ASTM F2194; EN1130 certified.


Introducing the Bedside Sleeper Crib, the safe and comfortable sleeping solution for your newborn. Designed to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe sleeping space, this bedside sleeper is the perfect addition to your nursery.

For adjustable bedside sleeper crib is made of high-quality material, sturdy and durable to ensure your baby is safe and secure while sleeping. Its adjustable legs allow you to customize the height to fit your bed, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for baby around you.

This 3 in 1 bedside sleeper also features breathable mesh side panels for airflow and visibility, ensuring you can keep an eye on your baby. The mattress is soft and comfortable, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your newborn.

Designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind, the Bedside Sleeper Crib features a built-in night light that emits a soft glow to help lull baby to sleep. It can also be used as a free-standing cot, making it a versatile and practical investment for new parents.

The Bedside Sleeper Crib has many advantages over traditional cribs. First, it allows you to stay close to your baby while reducing the risk of other sleep-related accidents.

Ideal for use with newborns from 6 months old, it is suitable for various bed heights, making it a practical and multifunctional bassinet solution for different types of beds. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or just want to keep an eye on your baby, the Bedside Sleeper Crib offers a convenient and practical solution to help you get a good night’s sleep while keeping baby close to you.

All in all the adjustable bedside sleeper is the perfect crib for new parents who want to keep their baby close while ensuring safety and comfort. It provides a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your newborn, allowing you to fall asleep and meet your baby’s needs without getting out of bed. With its versatile and versatile design, it is a practical and cost-effective investment that can be used in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a comfortable, safe and convenient crib, the Bedside Crib is the perfect choice.

Product Specification

The bedside sleeper crib is designed for baby to sleep besides adult’s bed. 

Item NO.:


Code 016 

Color: green
Material:  Linen+ABS+Aluminum frame
Accessories:  mattress, basket, wheels
N.W.: 7.6kg
G.W.: 8.8KG
Packing: 1 pc/carton
Carton means: 93.5X14X56cm
Load: 950pcs/40″HQ
Certificate: EN1130; ASTM F2194. 


1.easy to installation

2.Smooth operating just by one person                                                  

3.Strict quality management system

4.Superior equipment

5.Professional services

6.OEM/ODM services

7.Sample available

8.High quality products

1) Variety types for selection

2) Competitive price

3) Prompt delivery


Product Production

bedside sleeper crib


Cleaning of the crib

Specially prepare a soft rag, wipe it along the stripes of the crib after soaking it in water, and then dry it with a dry rag.


Be careful not to use chemical cleaning agents when wiping, as the cleaning agents left on the crib are easy to be touched or swallowed by the baby. Therefore, it is convenient and safe to clean the crib with clean water.

In addition, it is recommended to purchase a small cordless vacuum cleaner to clean dust and bacteria from crib sheets and bed surfaces.


Product Certificates

We have tested different safety standards for different markets such as US and Europe Market. 

The safety standard indicates the the product is safe in use for baby under correct method. 

EN1130 certificate

certificates of bedside sleeper crib

ASTM F2194 certificate

certificate of bedside sleeper crib



  1. Professional provider of baby bedside sleeper, bassinet, stroller, playpen, and cribs: KSF has 8 series products, and the technology and performance of our goods has reached an industry-leading level, earning the trust of our customers.
  2. Supplier of bedside sleepers, bassinets, strollers, playpens, and cribs: We are a supplier of bedside sleepers, bassinets, strollers, playpens, and cribs, as well as technological design and solutions.
  3. Affordability: We have a competent staff with technical and management skills. Our firm features cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. We can constantly maintain our prices competitive and fair because of our great management system and high quality.
  4. More Experience: We were established in 2013. Our products have been shipped to over 40 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Chile, Spain, France, and Colombia.
  5. Excellent Quality: We have a professional staff with technical and management expertise. Every year, the plant is audited by BSCI. To assure quality, products were subjected to EN and ASTM certification. So that we can ensure the highest possible quality of our products.
  6. Has a lengthy history: Our firm was founded in 2013 in Xiamen, a seaside city with excellent exporting options.
  7. Factory direct: Supplier of professional bedside sleeper, bassinet, playpen, stroller, and cribs.


Contact Info

Contact Person: Kathy Xiang


What’s app/Wechat: +86-185-5976-9516

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