Bedside Bassinet Sleeper


Code 015

  • Origin: Xiamen, China
  • Incoterms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW
  • Payment terms: LC at sight, T/T
  • Lead time: 45-60 days
  • Port: Xiamen, China 

  • Size: 93X55X82/70cm 
  • Material: linen +ABS+Aluminum
  • Unfold size: 93X14X55cm 
  • 7 heights
  • Storage basket
  • Thicker mattress
  • 4 small wheels
  • Tilt angle
  • Detachable armrest 
  • ASTM F2194; EN1130 certified.


Bedside Bassinet Sleeper Specifications

Item NO.:


Code 015

Color:  Blue
Material:  Linen fabric+ABS+Aluminum 
Accessories:  mattress, basket, wheels
N.W.: 7.6KG
G.W.: 8.8KG
Packing:  1 pc/ carton
Carton means: 93.5X14X56cm
Load: 950pcs/40″HQ
Certificate: ASTM F2194; EN1130


Product Introduction

The crib serves as a small world for babies to move safely. When parents are busy, they can put the baby on the crib and let the baby move around on its own without worrying about the baby accidentally swallowing small things on the ground.

The fence around the crib can prevent the baby from falling, and at the same time allow the baby to exercise his small body, promote growth and development, and cultivate the good habit of independent sleeping of the baby from an early age.

The most important thing is:

The baby and the adult sleep together, and the adult turns over while sleeping, etc., which may harm the baby.

Although you think you are very careful, once a person falls asleep, it is difficult to control turning over and stretching his arms.


Safe use of cribs

Be careful not to place quilts, pillows and cushioned bed surrounds on the crib, as these bedding can easily cause suffocation for the baby.

Just put on the mattress, waterproof mattress cover, and fitted sheet.

Many parents worry that the baby’s hands and feet will be caught by the crib rails, so they place a bed around the crib.

However, according to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the circumference of the crib does not protect the baby. On the contrary, it may cause the baby to be unable to turn his head and get rid of the lack of movement skills and strength when he is involved in an object that hinders breathing. Potential hazard of choking.

In addition, care should also be taken not to place plush toys or other ornaments on the crib to prevent the baby from suffocating by covering the baby’s mouth and nose.


Product Certificate

EN1130 test report

certificate of bedside bassinet sleeper

ASTM F2194 test report

certificate 2 of bedside bassinet sleeper


Order Process

factory of bedside bassinet sleeper


the common classification of cribs

1. Solid wood splicing bed

The material is solid wood, which needs to be assembled by yourself, which is very stable; the materials generally include beech, birch, pine, etc., among which pine wood has low hardness and relatively cheap price; it is suitable for families who only use cribs at home.

2. Foldable splicing bed

Composed of steel pipes and bedcloth, it is portable, paint-free, easy to install, easy to fold and store, and easy to move around. It is a very popular style in recent years, suitable for families who need to travel with a baby.

We would suggest you the foldable crib, which is more convenient and useful. 



Company Introduction

  • We have a 3000 square meter facility and 50 personnel to ensure timely delivery and high-quality items.
    Before mass manufacturing, we tested all of the items in accordance with international standards.
    Our objective is to make our clients happy; our belief is to pay attention to every detail.
    Our wish is for flawless collaboration.

sewing of bedside bassinet sleepercompany of bedside bassinet sleeper



Contact info

Contact Person: Kathy Xiang


What’s app: +86-185 5976 9526 

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