KSF8828T--The heart of our baby multifunctional bassinet is its adjustable sleeping space. The mattress height can be easily adjusted to accommodate your growing baby. On the highest setting, it's perfect for newborns, allowing you to easily reach and comfort your baby without straining your back. As your baby becomes more active, simply lower the mattress to keep them secure.


  • 出身地:アモイ、中国
  • インコタームズ: FOB、CIF、CFR、EXW
  • 支払い条件: LC アットサイト、T/T
  • リードタイム: 45-60日
  • 港: アモイ、中国

  • ツインバシネット
  • サイズ:93X93X82/70cm
  • 双子が別々に寝るための2つのバシネットを別々に設置
  • バスケット2個収納
  • 提供されるベルト
  • 重量:16.8KG
  • 材質: リネン + ABS + アルミニウム + 鉄
  • 取り外し可能なアームレスト: ベッドサイドスリーパー機能として使用 
  • 7段階の高さ調整
  • メッシュデザイン
  • マットレスが含まれています。


As parents, we know that nothing is more precious than your baby’s safety and comfort. Ensuring your child sleeps soundly through the night is every parent’s top priority. This is where the 多機能バシネット comes into play. It’s not just another baby product; it’s a product. It is the trusted solution designed to provide your baby with the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment.

赤ちゃん 青いトラベルベッド is a remarkable addition to the world of baby accessories. Carefully crafted to provide your baby with a comfortable, safe sleeping space. Designed with convenience and style in mind, it easily blends into your nursery decor while offering unrivaled functionality. In this comprehensive product description, we take an in-depth look at the attributes, features, functions, benefits and applications of this innovative crib.



- 双子の赤ちゃんは、2つの独立したバシネットを使用して自分の部屋を使用できます。必要に応じて、中央の分離を取り外すことができます。
- 二人家族ということは、日用品が増えることを意味し、したがって巨大なカゴが 2 つ必要になります。赤ちゃんの日常用品を2つのバスケットに収納できます。
- 移動が簡単な4つの車輪。
●2面の高さを変えることで角度を傾けます。ミルクの吐き出しを防ぐことで、乳児に授乳しやすくなります。メッシュパターンの長辺の 2 辺。



Product attributes

2.1 Safety First: High Quality Materials

Our baby blue travel cots are constructed with the utmost attention to detail and safety. We use high-quality, non-toxic materials and no harmful chemicals to ensure a safe and healthy sleeping environment for your baby. The soft yet strong fabric is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use while keeping your baby comfortable.

2.2 Practical Design: Adjustable Features

One size does not fit all, especially for babies. That’s why our crib sleeper features adjustable components to accommodate your baby’s growth. From mattress height to side walls, you can adjust the bed to meet your baby’s changing needs. This design ensures that your baby’s sleeping space remains safe and comfortable during its early stages.

2.3 Aesthetic appeal: trendy colors and patterns

We believe baby products are as functional as they are beautiful. Our baby multifunctional bassinet comes in a range of stylish colors and patterns to complement your nursery decor. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or vibrant hues, you’ll find a design to suit your taste and add a touch of elegance to your baby’s space.


3.1 Comfortable and adjustable sleeping space

The heart of our baby multifunctional bassinet is its adjustable sleeping space. The mattress height can be easily adjusted to accommodate your growing baby. On the highest setting, it’s perfect for newborns, allowing you to easily reach and comfort your baby without straining your back. As your baby becomes more active, simply lower the mattress to keep them secure.

3.2 Easy to assemble and carry

We know that convenience is of the utmost importance to parents. Our sleepers are designed with a tool-free assembly process, ensuring you can install them quickly and easily. Plus, it’s lightweight and features a sturdy handle, allowing you to easily move it from room to room or take it with you.

3.3 Durability and longevity

Investing in a baby 背の高いベッド用の添い寝用バシネット usually means thinking long term. The crib sleeper is built to last. Its durable frame and high-quality materials ensure it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, making it suitable for use with multiple children and even generations to come.

3.4 Easy to maintain and clean

Life with a baby can be messy, but cleaning up doesn’t have to be a hassle. The mattress cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy to keep your baby’s sleeping space fresh and clean. This feature is a lifesaver for busy parents.


4.1 Safe sleeping environment

Creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby is crucial. Our baby multifunctional bassinet is designed to provide a comfortable and enclosed sleeping space, reducing the risk of accidental rolling or moving during sleep. Breathable mesh sides ensure airflow to keep your baby comfortable all night long.

4.2 Wide range of uses

The versatility of our sleep pillow goes beyond bedtime. It can be used as a changing table, playpen, or as a safe place for your baby to rest while you do chores. This versatile design saves you money and space, making it a great addition to your baby collection.

4.3 Promote healthy sleep habits

Developing healthy sleep habits from an early age is crucial for both babies and parents. A crib sleeper provides a dedicated and comfortable sleeping space and helps create a consistent sleep routine. Its adjustable feature also allows you to seamlessly transfer your baby into a crib or toddler bed when the time is right.


5.1 Let parents feel at ease

Parenting is a journey full of joys and worries. With our baby multifunctional bassinet, you can have peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment. Adjustable features and a safety-conscious design give you peace of mind so you can focus on creating cherished memories with your little one.

5.2 Versatility in Modern Lifestyle

Modern parents are always on the go, and our sleeper bed fits that lifestyle. Its portability and versatile design make it the perfect companion for travel or busy life at home. You can trust that no matter where you venture, your baby will have a safe place to rest.

5.3 Add beauty to your nursery

When it comes to your nursery, aesthetics are important. Our crib sleepers not only provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space, but also add a touch of elegance to your baby’s room. It comes in a range of stylish colors and patterns to easily match your decor, ensuring your nursery looks as good as it is functional.


6.1 Home use

Of course, the main purpose of our baby multifunctional bassinet is to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable sleeping space at home. Whether you choose to keep it in your bedroom for nighttime use or in your nursery, it will fit seamlessly into your everyday life.

6.2 Travel companions

Traveling with babies can be challenging, but our sleepers make it easier. Its lightweight and portable design lets you bring your familiar sleeping environment with you wherever you go. Whether you’re visiting family or exploring a new destination, your little one can rest comfortably in their own space.

6.3 Ideal for newborns and infants

Crib sleepers are ideal for newborns and babies up to a certain age or weight limit, depending on the model. It provides a perfect transition between bassinet and crib, ensuring your baby has a safe and comfortable place to sleep during the first few months.

In conclusion, the baby multifunctional bassinet is a must-have in your baby accessories collection. Its focus on safety, versatility and aesthetics makes it an excellent choice for the modern parent. Whether you are a first-time parent or a new addition to a growing family, this innovative sleep bed from the multifunctional bassinet will ensure your baby sleeps soundly and safely. Keep your baby comfortable and you have peace of mind with a crib sleeper. Welcome to the world of safe and comfortable sleep for your little ones.






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