How to prepare the baby products

1. When should baby products be prepared? Buying ahead of time is easier

Many novice parents are inevitably a little nervous and confused when they are happy. They are not sure when is the best time to buy newborn products?

We would suggest that mothers start to purchase baby essentials when they are 7 to 8 months pregnant, so as to avoid tiring follow-up preparations. Especially after the baby is born, parents need to tense up and take turns to take care of it. They are usually too tired to go out and find it difficult to spare time to make a good purchase. Therefore, it will be a better time to start preparing for the purchase of baby birth supplies about 2 months before the mother gives birth.

Before purchasing, it is recommended to make a list first, count and deduct the gifts from relatives and friends, and then slowly visit the maternity and child exhibitions, maternity and baby product stores, etc., and gradually add to the purchase according to the family budget.

As for the must-have newborn baby supplies? If you want to know, you can refer to the list of must-have supplies for newborns that we have compiled for novice parents to help you have a clue and safely pass through the initial stage of parenting when faced with a variety of baby birth supplies in the market!

2. A list of must-have items for newborn parents!
In the process of raising children, the most troublesome thing for novice parents is, what supplies should I buy before the baby is born?

In this regard, we have sorted out the latest 2023 version of the newborn baby supplies list below, which is suitable for mothers to drink milk from pregnancy to the newborn baby. If you still don’t know which baby supplies to prepare first, please refer to the following baby supplies list to avoid buying Unnecessary items!

◼ Feeding bottles: Try to choose glass or PPSU material, so you don’t have to worry about releasing toxic substances when heating or disinfecting. It is recommended to add up to 4 to 6 replacement bottles, and breastfeeding can reduce the number.
◼ Baby bottle cleaner: A product specially used to clean babies.
◼ Baby bottle brush: It is recommended to buy both big and small brushes. The big one is used to brush the baby bottle, and the small one is used to brush the nipple.
◼ Baby bottle sterilizer: It is better to sterilize and dry the pot, which has a drying function, and the baby bottle does not need to be dried separately.
◼ Milking machine: manual or electric, mothers who choose to breastfeed do not need to buy it.
◼ Milk collector: used to collect breast milk.
◼ Breast milk bag: for freezing breast milk.
◼ Milk warmer: used for thawing and rewarming breast milk.
◼ Milk powder: when breast milk is insufficient, it can be supplemented. It is recommended that breast milk should also be prepared for whole-parents.
◼ Milk powder carrying box
◼ Pacifiers: It is recommended to buy 2~3 replacements.
◼ Toothbrush
◼ Bathing supplies: including shower gel, shampoo, etc.
◼ bathtub
◼ Wraps: It is recommended to buy 2 replacements.
◼ Gauze towel: used for breastfeeding, burping, wiping sweat, cleaning tongue coating, etc.
◼ Gauze bath towels: It is recommended to buy 2, to dry the body after bathing, as a blanket, etc.
◼ Bibs: It is recommended to buy 3~5 replacements.
◼ Paper diapers: XS size is used for birth, and M size can be used for babies weighing more than 5 kg.
◼ Baby lotion, butt cream, baby sunscreen
◼ Newborn clothes: such as fart clothes, butterfly clothes, cardigans, outdoor clothes, etc., depending on the needs of the baby and the season of birth, it is recommended to buy at least 5 pieces, and replace them when the baby sweats or spits up milk.
◼Baby nail scissors: Gentler than adult nail scissors and does not hurt the skin.
◼ Ear thermometer: Available when monitoring baby’s body temperature.
◼ small cotton buds
◼ Carrier: It is recommended to choose a style that can fully support the baby’s head and neck.
After reading the above list of newborn baby products, we have prepared a list of baby products for you. If you want to know how to buy the most practical, please continue to read!

3. How to choose baby products? This is the most practical way to buy!
When buying baby products, novice parents tend to buy things that are not practical due to factors such as appearance and design. If you don’t want to waste money by buying randomly, or don’t know which baby products to buy, take a look at our recommended 2023 shopping list for baby products to help you buy the real must-haves for childcare!

A. Baby bedding
1. Multifunctional crib, bedside bed, etc.
Babies sleep with adults, the most common occurrence is oppression to the baby, leading to accidents of sudden infant death. Therefore, most doctors suggest that it is best to let the baby sleep in a crib, and adults can share the same room with the baby on a different bed.
Let the baby sleep in the crib or bedside bed, not only can both parties obtain higher sleep quality, but also train the baby to sleep independently in the long run, reducing dependence on the mother.

2. A bed within a bed
If you want to sleep in the same bed with your baby, but you are worried that the baby will be crushed if you turn over inadvertently when the adult is asleep, then you might as well buy a bed-in-the-bed! It can not only meet the desire of parents and children to sleep together, but also has multiple functions, such as protective brackets, convenient storage and carrying out, etc. Even if you have already bought a crib, you can also buy a bed in a bed and use it alternately.

3. Crib Mattress
Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard for a baby will affect the development of the spine. It is best to buy a special baby mattress for babies, which can be used in the crib, or taken out for napping in the living room, or for traveling and It is used as a temporary bed when going to the in-law’s house.
It is recommended to buy more than 2 sets of mattresses for infants and young children, and replace them when the baby accidentally sprays urine, spits milk, or cleans up regularly every week, so that the anti-dust mite and anti-allergic effect will be better.

4. Waterproof cleaning pad
Some mattresses can be washed directly in the washing machine. If the purchased style is superior in other functions and cannot be washed directly, it is recommended to purchase a waterproof pad or cleaning pad and spread it on the baby mattress to help absorb water and dry quickly. You easily keep your bed clean.
If you don’t lay it on the mattress, it can also be used as a temporary diaper pad for changing diapers to prevent the adult bed sheets or mattresses from being stained.

5. Anti-kick quilt, gauze quilt or baby quilt, etc.
In summer, it can block air, absorb moisture and wick away sweat in the air-conditioned room. In autumn and winter, it can effectively keep warm. It is usually used for a long time and is a must-have item for taking care of babies.

6. Head pillow
Babies sleep for a long time, and if they sleep in a fixed position for a long time, it is easy to cause the head shape to become flat, but there is a risk of suffocation if the baby sleeps on the stomach. Therefore, if you are very concerned about the shape of your baby’s head, the best way is to let your baby sleep on his back with a head pillow, so as to take into account safety and let your baby sleep with a beautiful head shape.

7. Mosquito nets
If you are worried that your baby will be bitten by mosquitoes at night when sleeping in a crib, you can buy a mosquito net and install it on the crib. The role of decorating the baby’s room.

B. Baby dining chairs and tableware
1. Children’s dining chair
After the baby learns to sit, using the dining chair can allow them to concentrate on eating, and usually let them sit and play in it, which is relatively safe.

It is recommended to choose a style with a safety design for children’s dining chairs, and it must be heavy and stable so that you don’t have to worry about tipping over. If you want to extend the service life of the dining chair, you can buy a growth chair, which can adjust the fabric and seat height according to the growth and changes of young children.
For example: farska solid wood growing chair can be used as a small rocking chair for babies 0~6 months old, and can be used as a dining chair for 7 months~3 years old. It is no problem to use it from young children to adults, and the CP value is very high!

2. Children’s plates
After you have a children’s dining chair, you need to have a matching plate to prevent your baby from making a mess while eating and playing! A good dinner plate can prevent the baby from spilling food and drinks on the ground during meals, or from overturning and soiling clothes. If the tabletop is messy after the baby finishes eating, it can also be washed directly, which is very convenient.

3. Child Seat Cushion
The child seat cushion can better fix the baby in the high chair, help feeding, comforting, etc., or use it with a stroller. When purchasing, it is recommended to look for a child cushion with good elasticity and full inner material, so that the baby can sit more comfortably and comfortably.

4. Children’s tableware

Children’s tableware, such as soft spoons and stainless steel tableware, are specially designed for children. Not only are they usually colorful and cute, but they also use special arc shapes, sawtooth or groove designs, etc., so that babies can hold, hold and eat stably. It is very helpful for training children to eat by themselves.

5. Food scissors
After the baby can eat non-staple food, parents will need to cut and shred the food that is too large to make it easier for them to eat. At this time, they need a pair of food cutters that are easy to use and can be carried with them.

C. Strollers and accessories
1. Baby stroller
If you don’t want to take your baby out of the house during the newborn period, you can buy a stroller at a later time. The baby stroller can absorb the impact and reduce the vibration during the process of pushing the baby. Commercially available models are usually available in lightweight, multi-purpose, sun or rain covers.
With a stroller, parents can easily go out with their baby, and there is enough space for carry-on luggage. Some stroller styles can also be turned into the back seat of a car, which is quite convenient.

2. Stroller cushion
Baby stroller cushions are usually sweat-absorbent and dry, filled with thick and full cotton material, which can allow babies to sit outside for a long time and still maintain a comfortable state. When the road is uneven, it can also reduce the impact of vibration, and can be installed on most chair products such as baby strollers, dining chairs, and rocking chairs.

3. Baby Stroller Mosquito Net
The baby stroller mosquito net is also a baby stroller accessory, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes from invading, and can also block heat, ultraviolet rays, etc.

4. Mom bag
The mother bag is a must-have parenting item for novice mothers! It can be specially used to store the newborn’s out-of-home supplies when taking the baby out.
Mom bags generally have a large space and a multi-pocket design, which can store items including milk powder, feeding bottles, clothes, umbrellas, mobile phones, etc., and the widened and thickened shoulder strap design makes it more comfortable to carry than ordinary backpacks.

D. Baby bath supplies
1. Baby Bath
The most important thing in newborn baby bath products is the baby bathtub. Usually, the design of the bath frame can effectively prevent the baby from slipping, it is safe and stable, and it is relatively easy to clean. Some models will also have a built-in water temperature gauge with a water temperature warning function to prevent babies from coming into contact with overheated or too cold bath water.

2. Baby bath products
Babies have relatively sensitive skin and thinner cuticles, so be sure to prepare baby-specific body washes and shampoos. The ingredients will be more natural, and will not be dazzling or hurt the baby’s skin; it also has proper cleaning power after washing, and can be removed Sweat stains and excrement on the baby’s body.

E. Baby feeding bottle
1. Baby bottle
The feeding bottle is an important tool for baby feeding. It can be used not only when drinking formula milk, but also defrosted breast milk can also be poured into the feeding bottle to warm up and then fed to the baby. The trick to choosing a baby bottle is not price or design, but whether the nozzle of the bottle fits the shape of the baby’s mouth.

2. Breast milker
Breast milk pumps are divided into manual and electric models. It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers must prepare them, which can reduce the discomfort during milking and improve milking performance. With a conversion cap, the breast milk can be collected into a standard caliber feeding bottle, which is convenient for storage and direct use after thawing.

Above, after reading the recommended list of newborn products and baby products recommended above, if you want to purchase baby products, I recommend you to follow the 5 directions in the list, so as not to waste more money!

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