How to choose a stroller for your baby? It is enough to read this article

The baby stroller is convenient and practical, and has gradually become an indispensable tool for the baby to travel. However, for the safety of the baby, we must understand the baby stroller and how to choose the baby stroller?

When purchasing a stroller, follow the following principles to make it easier to buy a stroller that suits you:

What factors determine the safety of strollers

Safety is our top priority when choosing a stroller.

1. Seat belt: The five-point type is safer and more comfortable than the three-point type.

At present, most of the safety belts sold on the market are already five-point safety belts, and there are few three-point safety belts.

2. Brakes: Brakes are an important factor in determining the safety of the stroller. The convenience and stability of the brakes can reduce the situation where the vehicle moves forward autonomously on a steep slope and hurts the baby. One foot and two brakes can make one foot step down, and the two rear wheels brake at the same time, which is more convenient than stepping on one by one. Although in many cases we only need to brake one is enough, but in some emergency situations, one foot and two The brake can lock the double wheels more quickly to achieve higher safety.

3. Frame: Since the frame accounts for a large part of the weight of the vehicle, if the manufacturer wants to reduce weight, the frame will definitely be a key point. How to reduce it? First, the metal tubes of the frame are made thinner and thinner, and some metal parts are even replaced with plastic parts; second, the complexity of the frame structure is reduced as much as possible.

But in this case, the durability and stability of the car body will be reduced.

In terms of durability, because aluminum alloy is lighter and harder than iron, aluminum alloy is generally used as the main material for the frame of these lightweight models, but the harder aluminum alloy also makes it less flexible, that is, more brittle , so making the frame tubes thinner to save weight means more breakage.

As for the stability, many mothers reported that the umbrella car they use is not very smooth after a period of time. This is mainly due to the fact that the car is too light and under heavy pressure (we often put all kinds of bags and items on it) When it hits the car) and when it hits, it is more likely to deform, so even a slight deformation will change the original structure of the car, making the stability worse, and the pushing and closing of the car will not be so smooth.

4. Sunroof: The sunroof on the carport can facilitate mothers to see what the baby is doing in the car at any time, and it is more conducive to observe the baby’s dynamics in time and eliminate risk factors.

Generally speaking, the comfort of a stroller is mainly determined by the following factors:

1. Seat backrest: Whether the cotton pad is thick or not, and whether the backrest has a hard board are important factors that affect the comfort of the baby in the car. And if the manufacturer wants to reduce weight, you will see that some umbrella cars use a simple layer of mesh to carry the baby. Although this is much lighter, it is not very comfortable for the child to sit in it for a long time, and it is not conducive to The development of the spine.

The mainstream configuration of the backboard is that the backboard can be adjusted in 3 positions, which can be reclined or seated. It would be even better if the car’s footrest could also be adjusted in angle.

In addition, it should be noted that after the seat cushion is loaded, the range of depression should not be too deep, that is, the supporting force must be sufficient, otherwise the baby will sit uncomfortable. In addition, in order to protect the young head, you can choose a head cushion with a soft design.

2. Shock-absorbing design: Shock-absorbing is a very, very important factor that affects comfort. A trolley with poor shock-absorbing ability pushes out the door, but you can feel it in minutes whenever you pass a speed bump or a bumpy road. Feel the feeling of “the whole car trembling” to ensure that the baby will immediately become restless in the car. The baby’s spine and brain are both in the development stage. Good shock absorbers are not only comfortable, but also more conducive to the healthy development of the baby, so you must look at the shock absorber ability when buying a car!

Generally speaking, the shock absorbing ability is determined by the shock absorbing spring, tire, and frame structure.

Shock-absorbing springs: In general, low-end strollers do not have shock-absorbing springs, ordinary strollers only have springs on two wheels, and high-end strollers have springs on all four wheels.

b. Big wheels and pneumatic tires: It is the solution with the best shock-absorbing performance, but it is also the heaviest.

c. Frame structure: The reinforced “butterfly” cushioning frame has good shock absorption function. However, the weight of the body and the shock absorption capacity are sometimes incompatible. Some manufacturers excessively “reduce the weight” of the body, resulting in an overly simple body frame and insufficient thickness, which will inevitably lead to insufficient shock absorption capacity.

3. Sunshade: It is best to adjust the sunshade at multiple angles, which can meet the needs of sunshade and rain in different weather and different postures. However, since the baby often sits forward instead of leaning back on the back of the chair, and when the sun angle is low, if the awning is short, it will not be able to cover the baby. You can pay attention to this. Try to choose a sunshade with a large range of coverage.

4. Two-way promotion: The main design purpose of the two-way promotion function is to allow the baby to face itself, so that both parties are more at ease. In addition, if the front-facing wind is strong, it can make the baby walk against the wind. This is when the baby is young. It seems more practical. A car that can change the direction of the seat or even rotate the seat 360°, so that the driving performance will be more guaranteed.


Portability is determined by what factors

1. Body weight: Generally speaking, the heavier the body, the stronger the comfort, but the more inconvenient it is to take it out. 4-7 kg is a relatively acceptable weight range for women. If it is too light, the quality of the car will not be guaranteed, and if it is too heavy, it will be too laborious to carry it out.

It is worth mentioning here that although the high-view car has excellent performance, it is the heaviest type of stroller, weighing more than ten kilograms. Moreover, some European high-view sports carts do not even have a folding function. A large cart takes up a lot of space at home, let alone put it in the trunk of the car when traveling.

In fact, if a car wants to reduce weight, it needs to sacrifice some performance. It is recommended that you understand what performance is sacrificed, and whether this is acceptable to you, and finally strike a balance between weight and performance. Click to select the appropriate product.

2. Folding car: This is a very important function. As for the car collection operation, some cars need to operate multiple mechanisms and perform multiple foldings when closing the car, which requires both hands to be used together, which is more troublesome. Now some cars can realize one-handed one-key car collection, which is more than a little convenient. In this way When I run into the stairs, I can hold the baby in one hand, and carry the car with the other hand, which is very chic. Try to choose one with a one-key car collection function.

3. Folded volume: The smaller the volume, the more convenient it is to carry around. Parents who often take their children on planes, subways, buses, or self-driving tours should pay special attention to the folded volume of the stroller when purchasing a stroller.

other factors

1. Storage: In addition to being used to carry the baby, the stroller also has a very important function to release various supplies and sundries when traveling, especially the heavy backpack, and generally there can be storage under the seat Baskets, storage bags on the back of the backrest for sundries, and armrests for hanging backpacks, the bigger the merrier.

2. Handle height adjustment: The height of each person who pushes the cart is different. The same height of the handle may be too high or too short for some people, but if the height of the handle can be adjusted, it will be easier to push Comfort, and there are generally two ways to adjust the handle height.

3. The whole car can be disassembled and washed: The stroller also needs to be cleaned regularly, so the function of the car can be disassembled and washed also needs attention.

After clarifying the above points, it is basically easier to choose a baby stroller.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the product has a certificate of conformity, a safety inspection certificate, etc. Finally, it is recommended that you determine the key points of purchase that you are most concerned about according to your main usage scenarios, and choose a model that suits you based on your own economic strength.

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