How to choose a perfect baby stroller?

  As a new parent, we always want to provide our baby the best. For the stroller choosing, here we have some tips for you. I believe after going through the below artivle, you will have a knowledge of how to choose a stroller. 


What should I pay attention to when buying a stroller?
1. What are the potential safety hazards of inferior products?
① The material has potential safety hazards
When buying a stroller, don’t be cheap. Some cheap strollers are not made of good materials, and the thin metal rods are easy to break during pushing and pulling, causing injuries to the baby. There are also fabrics that have a pungent odor and dyes that are problematic, which are also unfavorable to the baby.
②The body is light and not firm
During the pushing and pulling process, it will cause rollover, causing the baby to fall down.
③Irrational body design
For example, it is easy to pinch the baby’s hand, be injured by protruding objects, some parts have sharp edges, the support of the car body is not good enough, the brake device of the car is not well designed, etc.
④Shock-absorbing performance
Some cheap strollers do not do well in terms of shock resistance, and the baby will be bumped constantly when sitting on them, which will affect the baby’s brain development


2. Do you want to choose a stroller with ergonomic design?
When buying a stroller, you must pay attention to the protection of the baby’s spine.
The spine of a newborn baby is very soft, and it develops slowly.
It is best not to sit in a stroller for babies under six months old. At this time, the baby’s spine has not yet fully developed, and it is still very soft. Sitting in a stroller can easily cause scoliosis, leading to a hunchback.
In the process of purchasing, the baby’s body shape, weight and age should be taken into consideration, especially the seat cushion should be attached to the baby’s back to provide good support for the back. The second is the angle adjustment, which is convenient for the baby to lie down and sleep, and meets the baby’s sleeping needs. In addition, the space of the car body should also be paid attention to. If it is too narrow, the baby will be crowded and affect the baby’s physical development.


3. Focus on practicality and portability
Many moms and dads will pay attention to these practical and portable features when buying a stroller:
One-key folding and closing: saving time.
Lying and reclining adjustment of the backrest: it is convenient for the baby to sleep comfortably.
Two-way push: In the process of pushing the stroller, you can look at the baby directly to prevent being attacked by unknown objects in the air or touched by small bugs.
Awning: This is a must have, it can shade and prevent wind and sand.
Double brakes on one foot: The design of double brakes greatly improves the safety of the stroller.
Handle height adjustment: better meet the needs of children’s play and comfort.
Storage compartment: you can place diapers, feeding bottles, clothes, etc.
Shock-absorbing performance: bring the baby a comfortable riding experience.
Skylight: In this way, mothers can keep abreast of their children’s developments.


4. Some shopping skills for baby strollers that you don’t know
Seat belt: five-point type is better than three-point type.
Brakes: Dual brakes are better than single brakes.
Shock-absorbing spring: It is best to have each wheel.
Butterfly-shaped frame: it can give your baby a good cushion.
Car body bearings: Check through the product details page to avoid the problem of wheel steering failure.

5. Does it meet national standards and other certifications?
The baby stroller must be purchased in line with the national standards. Secondly, you can also look at the certification standards of the baby stroller, such as the CE certification of the European Union and the GS certification of Germany.

6. How about the durability, flexibility and stability of the car body?
The durability of the car body is mainly related to the material and fabric of the car body. The lever should be strong and stable. Do not choose a stroller made of inferior materials.
The flexible design focuses on one-button closing, one-foot double brakes and universal wheels, which can adjust the direction in time.
The stability is mainly related to the wheels. It is recommended to buy large wheels, especially wheels with good shock resistance, which can effectively absorb shocks.


Below we listed some points also very important while choosing: 

1. Strollers can be good looking, but the function is the most important (focusing on the baby’s safety and comfort needs)
The design of many European star strollers is really cool and beautiful, beautiful and stylish! But my friends, the stroller is a tool after all, the convenience of travel and the comfort of the baby are more important, the style is still the temperature~ choose by yourself

2. Make a good balance between appearance and price
The core functions of baby strollers are nothing more than the most basic items, and high-priced strollers may only pursue the ultimate in basic functions.

At present, a stroller of one or two thousand yuan on the market can definitely meet almost all the basic functions, and the workmanship and quality are not bad, so is it really worth spending 4-5 times the price to pursue a luxury stroller? Of course, rich students can just ignore this sentence (they won’t read this article and just spend money on the most expensive and coolest stroller).

3. No one stroller fits all needs
There is no best, only the most suitable, and the stroller is the same. If the function of a stroller can best match your needs at this stage, then it is very suitable and perfect, and you don’t need to compare it with others, let alone compare it.

But most people have too little information when they buy their first stroller. They usually learn while buying. They feel good about every function they see and should have it. An embarrassing situation.

In fact, choosing a stroller is the same as choosing a family car. No car can meet all the needs of a family. Especially for portable umbrella vehicles, there are not too many functions, so the main functions are enough, and there is no need to do more additions. If you want to be simple, you should be clear about your family activities, living environment, how many years you want to use (for example, you plan to have a second child), and your budget before making a purchase. The choice will be very simple and clear.

After all the above tips, do you know how to choose a perfect stroller for your little one now? I think you have your answers now.  

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