How do I ensure that the co-sleeper bassinet fits my tall bed?

Sleeping with a newborn can be an incredibly bonding experience for both you and your baby. However, it is important to prioritize safety when sharing a bed with your little one. That’s where the co sleeper bassinet for tall bed comes in. They give your baby a separate, safe sleeping space close to you, allowing you to easily nurse and soothe your baby throughout the night.

If you have a high bed, you may be wondering how to make sure your bedmate bassinet will fit. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to make sure your bedmate bassinet is safe and secure in your high bed.

Measure the size of the bed

The first step in making sure your multifunctional bassinet will fit your raised bed is to measure the height and width of the bed. This will help you choose a co-sleep bassinet that fits your bed.

To measure the height of your bed, use a tape measure to measure from the floor to the top of the mattress. Make sure to measure at the highest point of the bed, as some beds may have a slight slope. Record the measurements so you can refer to them when choosing a bassinet for your bedmate.

Next, measure the width of your bed. Measure the distance between the inside edges of the bed frame. Again, record your measurements so you can refer to them later.


Choosing the right co-sleeping cradle

Once you have measured your bed, you can start looking for the right co sleeper bassinet for tall bed for you. Co-sleeping bassinets come in different sizes and styles, so it’s important to choose one designed for high beds.

Look for a bedmate bassinet with adjustable legs, which will allow you to adjust the height of the bassinet to fit your high bed. Some bed-sleeper bassinets also have adjustable side walls, which may be useful if your bed has a slight slope.

When choosing a co-sleeping bassinet with a high bed, it’s also important to consider weight limitations. Make sure the cot can safely support your baby’s weight, as well as any extra weight that might be added if you sleep against it.

correct installation

Once you have selected the co sleeper bassinet for tall bed that is right for you, it is important to install it correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and make sure the bassinet is securely attached to your bed.

If your bedmate bassinet has adjustable legs, adjust them so the bassinet is level with your bed. Make sure the legs are locked securely and the bassinet is stable. The legs should be adjusted so that the bassinet fits snugly against your bed with no gaps in between.

If your co sleeper bassinet for tall bed has adjustable sidewalls, adjust them to sit flush with your mattress. Make sure they are locked securely and provide a barrier between baby and your bed.

Test bed-sleeper cradles

Once your co-sleep bassinet is set up, it’s important to test it out to make sure it’s safe and stable. Press lightly on the bassinet to check if it moves or wobbles. If so, adjust the legs or sidewalls as needed to ensure a snug fit.

It is also important to check for gaps between the bassinet and the bed. There should be no gaps that could pose a risk to your baby. If you find a gap, adjust the bed legs or side walls as needed to eliminate the gap.

Other considerations

There are some additional considerations to keep in mind when using a co-sleeping bassinet on a tall bed. For example, make sure to place the cot bassinet on a stable surface, such as a hardwood floor or a sturdy rug. Avoid placing the bassinet on a soft surface, such as a plush rug or sofa, as this may pose a choking risk.

It is also important to follow safe sleep practices when using a co-sleep bassinet on a tall bed. Always put your baby to sleep on their back and avoid loose bedding or soft objects in the multifunctional bassinet. Make sure your baby’s head and face are not covered while sleeping.

Finally, be aware that bed-sharing with your baby can be controversial and it is important to make an informed decision that is right for you and your family. If you have any concerns about co-sleeping, or if you’re not sure how to safely use a co-sleeping bassinet on a raised bed, seek guidance from your pediatrician or a certified sleep consultant.

In conclusion

Using a co-sleeping bassinet on a high bed is a great way to keep your baby close to you while still making their safety a priority. By measuring your bed, choosing the right co sleeper bassinet for tall bed, installing it correctly, and testing its stability, you can ensure your baby has a safe and secure sleeping space close to you.

Remember to always follow safe sleep practices and make informed decisions that work for you and your family. With these tips and guidelines from multifunctional bassinet, you can enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping with your baby while keeping them safe and comfortable in their own sleeping space.

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