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बासीनेट की खरीद पर विचार करने के अलावा सुरक्षित अतिरिक्त उच्च बच्चा, इसलिए खोने के लिए नहीं खरीदें!

The most important thing about a safe extra high bedhead bassinet is that the size should be appropriate and the quality should be safe in order to better accompany the baby. A practical and safe baby bassinet can make the parents more at ease and accompany the baby to grow up happily. As a new era of parents, should master the safe extra high bed head bassinet bed purchase considerations to ensure that the buy back the bassinet bed more practical, more secure. Here’s a look at the baby bassinet purchase precautions!

safe extra tall bedside bassinet



Generally speaking, 0-4 years old baby will use the bassinet bed, purchase the shape size in 1180 * 720 * 1000mm, the inner diameter size in 1100 * 650 lengthened to 1600mm, in order to meet the use requirements. It is recommended to choose a safe extra high bedhead bassinet with adjustable height, to take care of the baby more convenient. Size too small when used for about 1 year will be eliminated, a little waste, too large size and can not provide a sense of security to the baby.


Safe extra high bedhead bassinet materials are mainly solid wood, bamboo, plastic, iron, etc. It is recommended to choose all solid wood, the overall original wood is more natural and environmentally friendly.

Surface Coating

Most extra high bedhead cribs are painted on the surface and it is essential to choose a crib with a protective layer to prevent cracking. Babies like to chew things with their mouths, and care should be taken that cribs made of metal should never contain harmful elements such as lead.


Bed edge fence try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two fences can not exceed 6 cm, in order to prevent the baby from sticking his head out of the middle. The height of the fence is best 50 cm above the mattress, too low when the baby will have the risk of falling, too high when the use of inconvenient. Surrounding the crib around the four cushion cushion is best made of cloth, can better protect the baby’s head. Safe extra high bedhead bassinets usually have two height adjustment positions on both sides of the bed edge, and must have a child-proof fixed card lock function.


The distance between the mattress and the edge of the bed should be at least 25 cm, and the bed frame should be tightly closed to prevent the baby probe in. The mattress is recommended to choose the traditional cotton bedding, soft and comfortable more skin-friendly.

gauze tent

Safe extra high bedhead bassinets are best designed to have the location of the hanging screen, to better prevent the infestation of flies on the child, but also to block the sun.

Rollers and swings

If the safe extra high bedhead bassinet is installed with wheels, you must pay attention to whether there is a brake device, a brake device is safer. Crib with cradle role to pay attention to the connection of the parts are tight and reliable, to ensure the safety of the swing, not to fall off.

What are the benefits of baby sleeping safe extra high bedhead bassinet?

  • Help to sleep

Many parents will find that the baby sleeps in the safe extra high bedhead bassinet will be easier to sleep, it is indeed so, because parents in the light cradle bed helps the baby sleep. Oh, that is to say, the baby sleeps in the cradle bed has a hypnotic effect, just as many parents reflect the baby in bed before parents like to hold the walk.

  • Beneficial to the healthy development of the baby

According to researchers at Ohio State University found that babies sleeping in a safe extra high bedhead bassinet can effectively stimulate certain motor organs of the baby, thus promoting the healthy development of the baby, not only that, the baby sleeping in a bassinet also helps the baby’s height development it.

  • Raising baby to sleep independently

The baby sleeps on the safe extra high bedhead bassinet has another benefit is that it can help train the baby’s ability to sleep independently, many parents have put their babies to sleep around them so that it is not conducive to the child sleeping independently in the future, so the ability to train the child to sleep independently may start from the infant to do it.

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