Is it necessary to buy baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed? understand these and you will understand

In the early days, the baby berceau co sleeper pour lit haut was not like it is now. Most of the tree trunks were hollowed out, woven into the shape of a cradle, and then hung on the beams or crossbars, which became a baby cradle bed. Traditional cradles are made of bamboo, willow and other materials, and there are various patterns and ever-changing patterns on the guardrails and panels as decorations. Today, some cradle beds are multifunctional bassinets, which can move freely and can also shake automatically. The electric cradle bed uses the intelligent control system to imitate the human swing to achieve the effect of intelligent swing. The controller can adjust the swing amplitude and make appropriate adjustments according to the needs of children. Manual or automatic adjustment is optional.

A few days ago, I heard someone say that co sleeper bassinet for tall bed needs to be prepared after the baby is born, but some people absolutely don’t need it. How to put it, the cradle bed can play a role in promoting the baby’s development to a certain extent.

Children’s intelligence comes from the good development of the brain, and children’s health comes from scientific nursing. According to relevant medical data, two-thirds of human brain development is completed in infancy, and smart and healthy children depend on infancy. Good sleep, pleasant music, and comfortable rocking can make babies develop healthier and smarter.

Most of the co sleeper bassinet for tall bed will be based on the needs of infants and young children in the process of growth and physical development, and will be of key help to the normal and healthy development of the body’s bones, brain, back, and waist. Regular use of the cradle has a soothing effect on infants and young children. And reduce the dependence of infants and young children on their parents. It is a good helper for modern families with babies.

Shaking has a hypnotic effect. Mothers have known for years to use a multifunctional bassinet to get their babies to sleep as quickly as possible. Researchers at Ohio State University have found that shaking can also benefit a baby’s development. For example, constantly stimulating certain motor organs of children is conducive to growth and development, and can make them grow faster.

In the human inner ear, there is a place called the vestibule. Its function is to receive stimuli from the external environment, generate excitement and transmit it from the nerves to the brain, and maintain the balance of the body through reflexes, which can speed up walking and grasp the direction of travel.

Scientists conducted experiments on children, stimulating their vestibule for 10 minutes a day, that is, gently shaking them in the cradle, and found that these children were in particularly good health and taller than other children.

But the baby can’t sit on the cradle bed for a long time. The baby is just born, and the body is still in a stage of growth and development. If the baby is shaken frequently, it is likely to cause the baby’s brain development to be affected by the outside world, and may even cause symptoms of concussion. It is very likely that there will be intellectual impairment. Parents must accompany the child during the developmental stage.


Can babies sleep co sleeper bassinet for tall bed

1. Helps to fall asleep quickly

The shaking of the baby’s multifunctional bassinet has a hypnotic effect and can help your baby fall asleep quickly.

2. Good for development

According to research by American scientists, shaking is actually helpful to the baby’s development. To make the baby grow fast and develop well, it is necessary to constantly stimulate some motor organs of the baby. Vestibule—Hiding in the inner ear of human beings, it will become excited after being stimulated by the external environment, and transmit this to the brain through the nerves. Its reflection can keep the body balanced, speed up walking and determine the direction of walking.

Experiments have shown that letting children enjoy the shaking of the cradle can stimulate the vestibule, and help the baby to grow, and the height can also exceed the peers.

It is not good for children to stay in this kind of bed for a long time, because the baby’s spine is too soft, and the cradle bed is not hard enough. Sleeping in it for a long time will damage the child’s spine. Pay attention to the time to sleep, usually ten minutes or so.

The traditional co sleeper bassinet for tall bed will not harm the baby’s brain, so it is safe and secure. The brain is fixed and will not be affected by wiggling. The rocking of cradle is left and right, which is extremely soft and will not cause any damage to the baby’s head, and the baby can fall asleep quickly with the rhythmic rocking of the cradle. the

Some people like to hold the baby in their arms and keep the baby quiet by shaking it constantly. In fact, the shaking intensity is stronger this time, and the cradle is more suitable for the baby.

How to choose co sleeper bassinet for a tall bed

1. The stability of the bed is better. Don’t push and it will fall apart. When choosing a bed, it is the same as choosing furniture, stability is the most important thing.
2. There should be no protrusions in the cradle.
3. Regular inspection. During use, the movable parts of the movable frame should be checked regularly to see if it is very reliable during the connection process. Whether the screws and nuts are loose. If the baby moves hard, will it roll over, and so on? 4. The surface should be smooth.
5. Adjust the high and low positions of the movable berceau multifonctionnel up and down, and pay attention to the tightness.
6. Read and use the manual carefully. It will tell how to install and how to debug. There are many functions, such as changing from a cradle to a cradle, and from a cradle to an ordinary bed, how to change it? The instruction manual must be complete and must be understood. Assemble the cradle bed to see if the function is the same as in the manual and whether it is the same as what the parents expect.
7. Whether the raw materials are plastic, wood, or plastic-sprayed (spray the surface into plastic), they are all safe materials. It mainly depends on what the parents like. Generally, there are more wooden and plastic-sprayed ones. There are fewer pure plastics. ‍

The cradle bed is generally only suitable for younger babies, not for older babies. In addition, the co sleeper bassinet for a tall bed will also develop the baby’s dependence and become a state where only shaking can sleep. Therefore, the cradle bed is practical, but it is also necessary to decide whether to buy it according to your actual situation. Children can sleep in ordinary beds, depending on family conditions and children’s acceptance.

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