KSF8828B Baby-Beistellbett

Code 004 


  • Herkunft: Xiamen, China
  • Incoterms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW
  • Zahlungsbedingungen: LC bei Sicht, T/T
  • Lieferzeit: 45-60 Tage
  • Hafen: Xiamen, China 


  • Größe: 93X55X85/73cm 
  • Material: Leinen + ABS + Aluminium
  • Größe aufgeklappt: 93 x 14 x 55 cm 
  • 7 Höhen
  • Aufbewahrungskorb
  • Dickere Matratze
  • 4 Universalräder mit Bremse
  • Neigungswinkel
  • Vollmaschiges Design
  • Abnehmbare Armlehne 
  • Sicherungsstift aus Zinklegierung


Introducing our Baby Co-Sleeper-Stubenwagen für Hochbett, a thoughtfully designed product that promises to revolutionize the way you and your baby sleep. Designed with the ultimate in care and safety in mind, this innovative co-sleeper offers parent and child a seamless blend of comfort, convenience and intimacy.

product properties:

  • SAFETY FIRST: Our Baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed follows the strictest safety standards to provide your little one with a safe and protected sleeping environment.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Crafted from high-quality breathable material, this co-sleeper provides unrivaled comfort, ensuring your baby a restful sleep every night.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The co-sleeper has adjustable height settings to accommodate different bed heights, allowing for a seamless connection between the parent’s bed and baby’s sleeping space.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The co-sleeper features a lightweight and portable construction for unrivaled mobility, perfect for traveling or moving around the house.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Removable, machine washable mattress cover and bedding allow for easy cleaning for optimal hygiene for your baby.


  • Safe Sidewalls: The co-sleeper is equipped with safe and breathable sidewalls to provide a comfortable environment for baby while ensuring sufficient air circulation.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: The built-in storage pocket provides a convenient solution for keeping baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and pacifiers within easy reach.
  • Versatile Use: As your baby grows, the Baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed can be easily converted into a free-standing crib or playpen, extending its usability beyond the co-sleeping stage.
  • 360-degree access: The open design allows parents easy and instant access to baby for feeding, soothing or simple check-ups.
  • STURDY FRAME: Featuring a durable frame that provides stability and support to ensure a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Product Features:

  • Co-sleeping Convenience: Baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed’s main function is to provide a safe and comfortable space for co-sleeping, promoting easy nighttime bonding between parents and baby.
  • Separate Crib: As your baby grows, the co-sleeping bed becomes a separate crib, providing the ideal separate sleeping space for your baby’s crib.
  • TRAVEL COMPANION: Portability makes it a great travel companion, providing your baby with a familiar sleeping environment wherever you go.
  • Day Playpen: During the day, the co-sleeper doubles as a safety playpen, providing your child with a safe and fun space to play and explore.

Product advantages:

  • ENHANCED BOND: The crib enhances the bond between parent and baby by allowing parents and baby to sleep close together while ensuring a separate sleeping space.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: With a plush mattress and breathable sidewalls, it prioritizes baby’s comfort to promote longer, more restful sleep.
  • Seamless Transition: The premium hohes Beistellbett transitions smoothly from co-sleeping to independent sleeping to meet the changing needs and preferences of your growing baby.
  • SPACE SAVING SOLUTION: The co-sleeping bed is designed to fit snugly next to the parent’s bed, eliminating the need for a separate crib, saving valuable bedroom space.


SAFE SLEEP SOLUTION: Our crib is the essential sleep solution for newborns and babies, providing a safe and comfortable space for a restful sleep.
Nighttime Feeding Support: Sleeping in the same bed with baby makes nighttime breastfeeding or bottle feeding more convenient and less disruptive for both parent and child.
TRAVEL EASY: Whether it’s a family vacation or visiting family and friends, a co-sleeping bed ensures your little one feels right at home and enjoys uninterrupted sleep in a familiar environment.

In a word, the Baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed integrates safety, comfort and practicality, and elevates the co-sleeping experience to a new level. This carefully crafted product provides a nurturing space for your baby to thrive while also bringing parents closer to their little ones during those precious first months. Rest assured, with our cribs, you can embark on a journey of joyful parenting and restful sleep, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Baby-Beistellbett mit 4 Universalrädern mit Bremse, die das Bewegen erleichtern und die Bremse für Sicherheit sorgen. 




Code 004 

Farbe: hellgrau #71 
Material: 300D Leinen+ABS+Aluminium+Eisen 
Mindestbestellmenge: 390 Stück
Zubehör:  4 Universalräder mit Bremse, Korb, Matratze, Gurt zur Befestigung am Erwachsenenbett. 
Standard:  EN, ASTM
NW: 7,8 kg
GW: 9,3 kg
Kartongröße:  93,5X14X56cm
Lademenge:  390 Stück/20″GP; 802 Stück/40″GP; 950 Stück/40 Zoll Hauptquartier


Dieses Baby-Beistellbett verfügt über ein vollständiges Netzdesign, das es atmungsaktiver und sichtbarer macht. 

Der Stoff, die Verbindung und die Schlauchfarbe können ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen angepasst werden. Sie bieten die Idee, wir zeigen Ihnen das Muster. 


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