How to choose a safe tall bedside crib? Keep in mind these criteria, so that the baby sleeps well and sound!

For mothers-to-be or new mothers, the purchase of cribs need to do some serious homework, or you may spend a lot of money, but can not choose the safe tall bedside crib.

safe tall bedside crib


The benefits of using a safe tall bedside crib for babies ?

Some parents will think that the baby grows quickly, the crib at most a year or two with little use, there is little need to buy a crib, but the use of the crib will have many benefits for the baby.

  • Parents can avoid injuries caused by sleeping on the baby; at the same time, the safe hohes Beistellbett is equipped with safety rails around the crib, which can effectively prevent the baby from falling from the bed.
  • Baby and parents sleep separately is good for children’s breathing, air circulation, can improve the quality of baby’s sleep.
  • The safe tall bedside crib prevents the child from being overly dependent on the parents and develops good habits of independence.
  • Babies can sleep in safe tall bedside cribs to develop good habits and not be disturbed by the parents’ work schedule.

The criteria for selecting a safe tall bedside crib?

  • Safety standards: Safety should always be considered first, the crib must meet strict safety standards.
  • Material: The main materials used in cribs on the market today are metal (mainly iron), plastic and wood 3 kinds. Although the metal material is the strongest, but its texture is poor, cold and too hard, not suitable for babies. Plastic is easy to deform, so it is still the most ideal wood, both strong and not too hard.
  • Bed edge fence: try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two fences can not exceed 6 cm, to prevent the baby from sticking his head out of the middle. Some mothers like more complex patterns, more carved cribs, in fact, such beds are not safe enough for children.
  • Mattress: When the mattress is adjusted to its highest position, the distance between it and the edge of the bed should be at least 40 cm or more. The mattress should be tightly fitted to the bed frame (within 2cm of the guardrail on both sides of the mattress) to prevent the baby’s hands and feet from reaching in.
  • Crib size: If the crib is too small, it seems a bit wasteful to use it for about 1 year to eliminate. But if it is too big, and can not provide security for the baby. So the maximum should not exceed the inner length of 150cm.
  • Bed sheet: bed sheet to choose a soft texture, feel comfortable, size slightly larger than the mattress, preferably more than 5 cm on each side, and pressed under the mattress. Cotton fabric is the most suitable, chemical fiber fabric is easy to generate static electricity. The color should be plain and lighter, easy to find abnormal secretions or excretions.
  • Quilt size, thickness and material: In general, after birth, newborns are recommended to sleep in a sleeping bag, and if it is winter, a quilt is added. The quilt can be slightly longer and is best used until the age of two. The length of a two-year-old child is 85 cm to 90 cm, so the quilt should be 110 cm long and 100 cm wide.

Tips: All surfaces of the crib must be painted with a protective layer to prevent cracking. Teething babies like to chew things with their mouths, so the bilateral crossbars of the bed edge (the upper cross on both sides of the guardrail) must be installed with a protective cover (anti-bite strip), parents should pay special attention to metal cribs must not contain lead and other elements harmful to the child’s body.

How to properly place the safe tall bedside crib?

Buying a suitable crib for your baby will make him more comfortable when he sleeps, so how should the crib be placed?

  • Do not place the safe tall bedside crib against a window, or near a fixed fabric or near furniture that can help your baby climb out. Some fabrics and threads can tempt the baby to fall, or tangle the baby, so before you decide where to put the baby’s bed, you must carefully examine all aspects of the environment around the bed.
  • The safe tall bedside crib can be placed next to the wall, but if placed away from the wall, the distance should be more than 50 cm, to prevent the baby from falling caught in the bed and the wall between the suffocation accident.
  • Do not place the safe tall bedside crib in the direct sun position, the baby needs sunlight, but too much exposure to the sun will make his eyes and skin injury.
  • It is best to lay a fleece blanket or carpet under the safe tall bedside crib than the area of the bed, so that when the baby falls, it will not bruise the head.


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