Buy extra tall bedside bassinet or crib? After reading this article, you will know how to choose!

Co-Sleeper-Stubenwagen für Hochbett

Many mothers of baby Extrahoher Nachttisch should know that it is an essential item in the baby’s growth process, so the importance of cradles and cribs is self-evident. As a place for babies to sleep, there are many places that need to be paid attention to, whether it is purchasing or using.

When parents prepare newborn products for their babies, they may be entangled in whether to buy a cradle or a crib. These two kinds of beds can sleep newborn babies, but there are slight differences in the size of the occupied space and the length of use.

So what is the difference between an extra tall bedside bassinet and a crib? How should parents choose according to their own needs? Let’s take a look together below!

1. What is the difference between a cradle and a crib? How to choose?

Generally speaking, the cradle and crib are mainly different in the following points:

  • The size of the occupied space and the convenience of moving: the crib is much larger than the extra tall bedside bassinet and needs more space; the cradle is relatively much smaller and suitable for small rooms.
  • Height: The design of the cradle is usually relatively high. Parents don’t have to bend over to put the baby in the cradle, which is easier for mothers who have a cesarean section; the crib is relatively short, and the guardrail beside the bed is very high.
  • Convenience of movement: Cribs are not as convenient to move as cradles. Many co sleeper bassinet for tall beds are designed with wheels, and the placement position is more flexible. Parents can bring the baby closer to themselves when they take a nap or sleep at night, and it is more convenient to observe the baby’s situation at any time.
  • Functions: most of the cribs are made of wood and have no special functions, but some baby cradles are specially designed with some functions, such as playing music or shaking to comfort the baby to sleep.
  • Use time & cost-effectiveness: In terms of price, cradles are usually much cheaper than cribs. Now cradles are available in various sizes, so cradles are more cost-effective than strollers.


In contrast, the cradle can let the baby sleep from birth to several years old, especially the cradle of ksf family, which can also be converted into a children’s bed. In the long run, bassinets are more cost-effective than cribs.

Seeing this, parents should have a basic understanding of the difference between a cradle and a crib. If parents want to “get it in one step”, it is usually recommended to buy a ksf brand cradle directly, which can let the baby sleep from birth to several years old.

In this way, parents can have more contact with the newborn baby. They can have a small bed that can be moved at any time, and can observe the baby at any time. Buy an extra tall bedside bassinet first, so that you can get a satisfactory experience.

Precautions for choosing a baby cradle

When choosing a baby co sleeper bassinet for tall bed, it is best to choose a cradle with a relatively simple structure. When choosing a cradle, many mothers think that a cradle with a more complicated structure and more decorations looks better, but in fact, such a cradle is not safe enough for the child. Because the protruding carvings on the cradle easily catch the child’s clothes, the child may be injured by collision when trying to get rid of it.

The movable frame of the cradle should be reliable

There are some parts of the baby extra tall bedside bassinet that can be moved, so mothers should pay attention to whether the movable parts of the cradle are reliable when purchasing, whether the parts where the screws and nuts are used are loose, whether the baby will fall over when exerting force, etc. These are related to the safety of the baby, and parents should be cautious.

The surface of the cradle should be flat and smooth

The surface of the cradle should be flat and smooth. Babies will often move around while sleeping on the Co-Sleeper-Stubenwagen für Hochbett. The smooth surface of the cradle can prevent the baby from being stabbed.

Whether the high position of the cradle is tight or not

The baby’s cradle generally has a high position and a status, so mothers should check whether the cradle is convenient to adjust up and down and whether the tightness is appropriate when choosing.

Is the material used in the cradle safe?

There are many types of baby cradles on the market now. Some manufacturers will choose some bad or even toxic raw materials to make cradles for the sake of low prices. Therefore, try to buy extra tall bedside bassinet from a reliable and big brand like KSF to avoid poor quality of materials from affecting your baby’s health.

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