Co Sleeping Benefits

Baby have always been the darlings of parents. No matter how strict the parents are, they will not be able to become aggressive when their children are young, because they are really soft and cute. Most parents can’t bear to let their children sleep alone at night, but now more and more cases and scientific knowledge prove that there are great safety risks for parents and children sleeping together.


Many parents think that sleeping with their baby can make it easier for them to take care of the child, and the child is always prone to crying at night, so they need to comfort the child by themselves. Children’s crying is a manifestation of their own discomfort, and parents of children who often cry at night need to pay attention to this, because in most cases the child should be in a peaceful sleep, and frequent crying must be caused by the outside world. The environment brought him too much discomfort.


Studies have shown that when using a baby care bed, at the beginning, the baby is not used to the occasional crying at night. After a few days, the baby basically stops crying at night. Sleep is very important for both adults and babies. Adequate sleep Let the baby grow up healthily, and sleep soundly so that parents have sufficient physical strength to face life. Therefore, it is very important for adults and babies to sleep in separate beds, and there is no need to feel guilty or feel that you are too cruel.

What are the benefits of baby sleeping on the co sleeping crib?
1. Babies need a lot of deep sleep time for growth and development during the newborn and infant period. The sleep habits of parents will affect the sleep quality of young children. Too much crying will affect the baby’s nervous system and brain development. If the baby’s immunity is not fully developed, it will affect the baby’s health in severe cases.
2. The co sleeping crib has a fence, which can form a kind of safety protection while providing enough space for the baby. The baby will not turn around or climb around during the infant period. Parents can sleep with peace of mind after they are asleep.


3. The baby’s long-term independent sleep can exercise the child’s independent emotional experience, will not be extremely dependent on the parents, will not have a great attachment to the parents, and will help the child’s physical and mental health.
4. Infants and toddlers have obtained their own breathing space within a certain distance from their parents, can absorb more fresh air, reduce the inhalation of carbon dioxide emitted by their parents, and better promote their own growth and development and system operation.
5. Infants and young children have weak immunity and acceptability, and have certain requirements for hygiene issues. The baby’s own crib is less frequently used than the parent’s bed, and it is relatively clean and hygienic. There will not be a lot of bacteria that will affect the baby’s immunity. If the baby gets sick too many times, it will not be conducive to the development of the baby’s immunity. 


Many parents think that sleeping with their babies is to protect their children, but in fact they have not discovered the safety hazards; many parents are aware of this, but they can’t bear to put their babies in the crib, thinking that they can just pay more attention. In reality, how can we prevent so many potential safety hazards? In order for babies to grow up healthily, parents need to give them room to grow and think about their children’s future development.

Of course, cribs are not a panacea. As the baby grows up, there will be problems that come with it. The most important thing is that parents should pay attention to the growth of the child at any time, formulate different parenting plans in different growth stages of the child, learn Different parenting knowledge can make children grow up healthily and happily.

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