Can an Extra Tall Bedside Bassinet be Converted into a Standalone Crib as the Baby Grows?


When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space for newborns, many parents turn to bedside bassinets. These compact sleeping pillows make it easy to keep baby within reach at night. However, as your child grows, you may start to wonder if the bassinet can be converted into a free-standing crib to accommodate their increasing size and mobility. In this article, we explore the possibility of converting an extra tall bedside bassinet into a freestanding crib and discuss the factors to consider when making this conversion.

Know the characteristics of the super high bedside cradle

Before delving into the conversion aspect, let’s familiarize ourselves with the features of the extra tall bedside bassinet. These bassinets are designed to provide your baby with a convenient and safe sleeping space next to the bed. They usually have adjustable height settings, allowing you to match the sleeping surface of the bassinet to the level of the mattress. This feature ensures your baby can be easily fed, soothed and monitored through the night.

Extra tall bedside cradles are often fitted with mesh side walls for better ventilation and visibility. They also feature compartments for essentials like diapers, wipes and extra clothing, so you can keep everything you need within easy reach. Additionally, some models may offer vibration, music, or night light features to help calm your baby.


Explore conversion options

When it comes to converting a bedside bassinet into a freestanding crib, it’s important to understand the options available. Convertible bassinets and cribs are designed to adapt to your child’s changing needs. These versatile sleep beds can often be converted into a toddler bed, sofa bed, or even a full-size bed.

However, it’s important to note that not all bedside bassinets are designed to convert. While some manufacturers offer conversion kits or accessories, others may not offer such options. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the exact model of extra high bedside bassinet and check whether a conversion is possible.

Factors to consider for conversion

If you are interested in converting a tall bedside crib into a freestanding crib, there are several factors to consider to ensure a safe and practical conversion.

  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Your child’s safety should always be the top priority. Evaluate the bassinet’s construction, materials, and overall stability to determine if it can withstand conversion to a crib. Check for any signs of wear or damage that may affect the integrity of the bassinet.
  • Manufacturer’s guides: Check the manufacturer’s guides and instructions to see if they offer any advice or warnings about switching. Some manufacturers may specify whether their bassinets are convertible or offer specific conversion kits designed for their products.
  • Conversion Kits and Accessories: Research whether conversion kits or accessories will work with your specific bedside bassinet model. These kits often include additional components or parts that help transform into a freestanding crib. Converting a bassinet may not be feasible or safe without a conversion kit.
  • Ease of transition and adaptability: Consider the ease of transition itself. Are complex adjustments or additional tools required? Evaluate whether the design of the cradle allows for seamless transitions without compromising its structural integrity or safety.

Advice and Precautions

Depending on the factors discussed, here are some suggestions and precautions to keep in mind:

  • Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the use and conversion of bedside bassinets. Their expertise ensures product safety and functionality.
  • Consider other options: If converting an extra tall bedside bassinet isn’t a viable option, consider investing in a separate, free-standing crib as your baby grows. Many cribs on the market offer adjustable mattress height and conversion features, allowing them to grow with your child.
  • Safety first: Make sure the bassinet or crib meets safety standards set by regulatory agencies. Look for certifications like ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) to guarantee product safety and compliance.

In conclusion

While extra tall bedside bassinets provide convenience and closeness in the early stages of a baby’s life, converting them into a free-standing crib may not always be possible as your child grows. Before attempting any conversion, it is critical to consider the specific features, safety considerations, and manufacturer’s guidelines of your bassinet model. Ultimately, your child’s well-being and safety should be the primary consideration. If converting isn’t a viable option, there are plenty of free-standing crib options that can provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your growing baby.

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